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It’s fair to say that here at Roxy Hair Extensions, we’re experts within our field. With 17 years experience we’ve taken a great deal of time not only learning about extensions and the many varieties available, but also finding out the best options to ensure your natural hair remains healthy. 

That’s why we’ve chosen to offer only the very best hair extensions out there, from Weft hair extensions to Pre-Bonded and of course, Camo-Tape.

The Best Hair Extensions In Essex

At Roxy Hair Extensions, we’re proud to offer the best hair extensions in Essex that not only ensure your hair remains healthy but are almost undetectable when applied.

You’ll also find on our website an array of extension accessories to allow for various application and removal methods.

As well as an array of hair extensions and hair extension accessories, we also provide a fabulous range of hair extension products, designed specifically to allow you, the wearer to keep your hair extensions looking nothing short of supreme.

From hair masks to clarifying shampoos, we have everything you need to ensure your extensions are well taken care of.

Open an account with Roxy and give yourself or your salon access to the finest quality hair extensions as well as access to the best hair extension specialist in Essex.

When you think of Roxy, think quality, affordability and unrivalled expertise.


Yes, this is our new pre bonded hair extension collection, check out our new arrivals.




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