Flat Weft Hair Extensions

Are you looking for flat weft hair extensions? Then you’ll love the array we have available here at Roxy Hair Extensions. 

Flat weft extensions incorporate a very flexible style adhesive, making them suitable for sew in wefts and even micro wefts. 

The flexible adhesive and the double stitched lace top will hold the hair into the weft style extension. This means no shedding, even when the hair is trimmed.

A flat weft, much like the Brazilian Remy flat wefts we have available here, work without the need to fold the hair over like others. This allows for a much thinner weft. 

When applied to the head, the thinner weft means a very flat application to the head and subsequently a much better look. 

While this is one of the biggest benefits, flat weft hair extensions have a number of other benefits too, such as non-fraying edges, which help to reduce itching along with much greater comfort for the wearer.

Flat Wefts By Roxy Hair Extensions

Our hair extensions come in a variety of options, including the most popular, Brazilian Remy Hair Extensions. Available in an assortment of hair colours from blonde to brunette and even a range of auburns as well as multiple lengths and weights. 

The variety you’ll find here at Roxy Hair Extensions is why we’re chosen time and again; our customers always find their perfect hair piece with ease. 

Whatever length, colour or thickness you require, here at Roxy Hair Extensions, we have you covered.