Mini Copper Tubes (x 200 per pot)

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Our Copper Tubes are designed to fit all our stick tips. Each pot contains approximately 200 copper tubes which are lightweight and durable. The tubes are straight (not flared) and have no lining.

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Mini Copper Tubes

Here we have a fantastic selection of mini copper tubes. Mini copper tubes are built very small, nimble and as a result, appear elegant when worn. They’re much smaller, much thinner than your average micro rings yet they’re still big enough to fit onto stick-tip hair extensions. These mini copper tubes boast a slightly longer body too, that helps increase their grip onto the bond they’re used. This in turn ensures a much longer lasting hold. 

Not only do they work well with pre-bonded stick tip hair extensions but they also work well when installing fan lock hair extensions. 

Mini Copper Tubes Provide Added Comfort

Designed specifically to give a more secure hold, mini copper tubes are proving popular thanks to their strong grip yet dainty appearance. Add to this their ability to be crimped flat against the scalp when worn along with their incredibly natural feel for the wearer and it’s no wonder they’re proving so in demand.

The mini copper tubes you’ll find available here have been designed to fit all of the stick tip hair extensions we have available. Each one of the pots contains on average around 200 copper tubes. The pot alone will demonstrate just how lightweight they are. Each tube is straight and not flared and contains no lining yet are incredibly durable.

Available in a range of colours, from dark brown to light blonde, our mini copper tubes are high quality and affordable. Find our entire selection below and for more information, simply contact us today.

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