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Heat Shield For Hair

Heat shields have been designed to not only protect you but also your client’s head from any damage when applying what’s known as hot fusion hair extensions. As we all know, the hot fusion method can be tricky and rather complicated. It also involves heat and the use of keratin tipped extensions being glued on using hair extension heat connectors. With heat shields in place however, any accidental damage is a thing of the past.

Using each heat shield is incredibly simple too. Just separate one strand of hair, place it through the shield and push the shield toward the root. With the heat shield in place, you can continue to apply the hair extensions using the heat connector free from the worry of causing any damage to the clients hair or scalp which is as we all know is time consuming and costly to repair.

Heat Shield Hair Products By Roxy

With adequate protection in place, the fusion process can become quite dangerous as well as unnecessarily messy. Individual strands of hair can begin to get in the way, resulting in a less than professional look for the client. With heat shields however, you can rely on a much neater, better quality finish.

Our heat shields are available in packs of ten, costing a mere £2.66 inc VAT. For more information on heat shields, where and when they’re best used as well as information on the type of hair extension they’re best used with, contact Roxy Hair Extensions today. 

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