Stick Tip Hair Extensions

These extensions are not only one of the most popular methods of hair extensions but are also one of the safest methods available. When applied, they cause no damage to natural hair. Because of the safe and harm-free quality of this particular type of hair extension, their popularity is growing day by day.

The hair used within our extensions is of the highest quality possible. They can be applied using our very own copper tubes which ultimately clamp a small ring until the extension is fully secure upon the natural hair. These extensions can also be removed using the same tool that you’d use to apply them too.

Need Quality Stick Tip Extensions? We’ve Got You Covered

Here at Roxy Hair Extensions, we offer Brazilian Remy tiny stick tip hair extensions. These are available in a variety of lengths as well as colours including our popular piano blends and ombré/balayage range.

They come in 12”, 16”, 18” and 22” containing 25 strands per pack. Without the use of heat or glue, these extensions will give you the length and thickness you desire without causing you any long-term damage whatsoever and are therefore an incredibly safe method. 

So if you’re looking for quality stick-tip hair extensions, be sure to get in touch here at Roxy Hair Extensions. Simply email us at and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.