Hair Extension Products by Roxy

Welcome to Roxy Hair Extension Hair Products, our very own range of hair products. These have been designed specifically to give you the best tools and ingredients possible to keep not only your hair extensions looking great but your natural hair looking beautiful too. 

When it came to creating our own range, from our shampoo and conditioner to our incredible hair mask, it was important that we used the best ingredients. We were also conscious that we wanted to avoid any specific additives that could cause unwanted damage. 

That’s why we’re proud to boast a sodium chloride free conditioner as well as our clarifying shampoo, designed specifically to help remove the build up of products and oils that can occur over time.

We’ve also created an amazing hair mask for extensions. This hair mask however won’t just help your extensions, it will also help your own hair to stay in great shape, leaving it feeling soft, shiny and lightweight.

Hair Extension Care Products By The Extension Experts

If you’re looking for new and effective hair products, guaranteed to look after your natural hair as well as your hair extensions, then you’ve found them.

These three simple products are all you need to ensure a glossy, shiny head of hair free from product and chemical build up. They’ll also help in prolonging the lifespan of your extensions by ensuring they remain in great condition every single day.

For more information, simply contact us today. 

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