Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions are a favourite at Roxy Hair Extensions, thanks to their incredible durability. Using this particular method, bonded hair extensions can last wearers up to three months when applied by a professional stylist. 

This makes this particular type of hair extension not only look great, but function well too, ensuring long-term use, essentially making them a much better investment overall.

Pre-bonded hair extensions, with keratin bonds are a globally recognised method and one that’s used for all styles and all hair types. The hair itself is what’s known as pre-tipped. 

This means that a keratin formula is applied to the tip of the hair. Once it melts and the keratin cools, it creates a solid bond onto the wearers own hair and it’s this bond that allows these particular extensions to be worn for months at a time. While a more permanent method than others, they can be removed rather easily using specific remover and tools.

Achieve A Natural Look With Bonded Hair Extensions

At Roxy Hair Extensions, we stock a variety of bonded hair extensions giving you the variation you need to achieve your desired look. 

From our Indian Natural Collection to our Flat Tips, Nano Tip and even Tiny Stick Tip; whatever bonded hair extension you’re looking for, trust in Roxy Hair Extensions to provide it in a huge selection of unique shades and lengths to suit.