Flat Tip Hair Extensions

Flat tip hair extensions are hugely on-trend right now and for good reason too.

These extensions lay beautifully flat when flat folded or can be rolled into the shape of a grain of rice, while still allowing for full movement. What’s more, they’re incredibly comfortable for the wearer too. Flat tips are known for moving easily upon the wearers head, laying flat making them all the more comfortable for 24/7 wear.

With such comfort and adaptability, flat tips behave in the same way that your natural hair does and therefore provides the perfect solution for those wanting fuller, thicker, more lustrous hair in as natural manner as possible. They look like your hair but more importantly, feel like your hair too.

Quality Flat Tip Hair Extensions

Here are Roxy Hair Extensions, we offer a variety of flat tips. Our Brazilian Remy Flat Tip Hair for example is available in 12”, 16”, 18” and even 22”, containing 25 strands per pack. 22” is the longest we offer although all lengths come with an extra 1-2” for cutting and styling. They also come in a range of colours including our popular piano blends and ombré/balayage range. 

Easy to apply, comfortable to wear and easy to remove, flat tips are quite simply the perfect hair extension. For more information, contact us today via info@roxyhairextensions.com