Tape In Extensions: Camo-Tapes

Classed as a semi-permanent technique, tape-in hair extensions are removed and reapplied closer to the scalp every 6 to 8 weeks. One of the biggest advantages of tape in extensions is that they can be used time and again, making them a great investment for the wearer. 

The tape in hair extensions we supply here at Roxy Hair Extensions are also known as camo-tapes. The reason being is that they offer a near-perfect camouflaged appearance against natural hair, making them almost undetectable to the naked eye. 

If you’re looking for instant length and volume, these camo-tapes are the perfect choice, giving you the variety you need to make them appear as natural as possible regardless of the style intended. Tape in extensions are stocked in thousands of salons around the world because of their high quality appearance as well as their affordability, thanks to the fact that they can be reinstalled multiple times.

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