Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions, often simply known as weft extensions are a collection of hair strands which have been woven onto a very fine strip of cloth. It’s this strip of cloth that’s known as a ‘weft’. Weft extensions will differ depending on their length however, they’re usually referred to by their weight as opposed to their length like other extensions. 

There are numerous advantages to weft extensions. They require no glue for a start and protect your natural hair from heat too. This makes them far less damaging than other options out there. They’re also incredibly versatile too, whether you want a short hair style or long, they can cater to virtually anything you require. What’s more, they’re super strong and durable, which means they can be used multiple times. Last but not least, they’re affordable when compared to many other hair extension options. It’s easy to see why weft extensions are so popular.

Here at Roxy Hair Extensions, we stock a variety of weft extensions; from Flat Wefts to Indian Remy Human Hair Wefts

Our flat wefts are available in 60g and 150g, ideal for creating a thick, full look. 

Our Indian Remy Human Hair Wefts are available in 120g and 150g. These come in straight and wavy and are used to achieve a more natural appearance, with completely natural hair colour too.

If you’d like more information on the weft extensions available here at Roxy Hair Extensions, contact us today via info@roxyhairextensions.com