Indian Remy Hair Weft Extensions

If you’re looking for high quality Indian Remy hair wefts extensions then you’ll be pleased to know that you’ve found them. 

Here at Roxy Hair Extensions, hair extension specialists, we supply high quality Indian Remy hair which is 100% real Indian human hair. 

Our raw virgin Indian hair is chemically unprocessed and completely intact. This means all hair cuticles are in the same direction helping to eliminate shedding and/or tangling. 

Being 100% human hair, our Remy hair wefts are naturally soft, lightweight and incredibly bouncy which not only makes them look amazing against your real hair but also easily styled just as you would your real hair too. 

Whether you want to straighten, curl or even colour the hair, you can easily do this with our Indian Remy human hair wefts.

Indian Remy Hair Wefts By Roxy Hair Extensions

With great blending ability and easy application and removal, Indian Remy Hair wefts are incredibly popular. 

Remy Hair wefts even come with a small amount of very short hairs still attached to create an even more natural appearance.

The Indian Remy wefts are available here at Roxy Hair Extensions is available in 120g and 150g weights, as well as 18” and 22” lengths. 

It’s also available straight and wavy depending on your preference. For more information or to order, simply contact our team today and take your first step toward beautiful, thick high-quality hair.