How to create a flat fold bond


How to create a flat fold bond


01: Select your strand of hair, making sure there are no “cross hairs” and keeping it weight for weight with the extension. Hold bond on top of the selected hair, 1 cm away from the scalp to avoid “root lift”


02: Heat the bond for 3-5 seconds, ensuring the bond has melted through each hair.


03: The bond has now been heated ready to be formed.


04: Using your index finger, gently push the side of the bond under the strand selected, wrapping the bond.


05: Now press the bond using your index finger and thumb, ensuring the heated bond has gone through all the hairs.


06: Using your index finger, pull the other side of the melted bond underneath the strand selected, completing the folding of the bond.


07: Press the bond using your index finger and thumb to ensure both sides have reached and sealed around the selected hair.


08: You can neaten the bond by gently pressing the sides to create straight sides to the bond, this helps press the hairs into the bond.

You can press and mold the bond while it is still warm and to ensure all hairs are within the glue.


09: You have created your flat fold bond! It will lay flat against the hair, undetectable.


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