Keratin Glue Granules

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Keratin Hair Glue/Keratin Glue

Keratin glue granules are used throughout the industry to provide a seamless hair extension bond. They’re the perfect bonding glue and help attach hair extensions onto real hair. The beauty of keratin glue granules is that they can be used with virtually any glue-in extension too.

While different styles of hair extension tips obviously require different amounts of keratin glue, it’s safe to say that our 50g tins of keratin hair glue would help apply anywhere from 250-400 strands. This is of course approximate but gives an idea of how far our 50g tins of glue granules actually go. 

Choose Roxy Keratin Glue Granules Every Time

While there are many cheap imitations on the market, here at Roxy Hair Extensions, you can guarantee the best quality keratin glue granules every single time. What’s more, we boast transparent glue. That means regardless of the colour of both the natural and extension hair, our glue granules will be suitable. 

Incredibly easy to use and exceptionally easy to remove, keratin glue granules pose no risk of damage to your own hair or the hair of your extensions. Add to this their amazingly strong hold, regardless of how often you wash your hair, go swimming or even take part in sporting activities and it’s clear to see why they are as popular as they are. Durable, kind and affordable – what more could you want in keratin hair glue? For more information on our 50g pots of keratin hair glue, simply contact us today.

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